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premature babies 32 weeks

The survival of premature babies born at 32 weeks has increased to approx 98% due to the advanced technology in Medicine and Hospitals in most modern countries.

Giving away our remaining nappies to Eden Park - Corby

Although we have gave away free nappies for in excess of 130 families we still find that we have many left over. So a decision has been made to give the remaining nappies to a local support group in Corby

premature baby stories

The moment I found out that I was pregnant was a very emotional time, I was only 16 and pregnancy and a baby was not something I had planned.

Benifits of Using a nappy disposal system

A Nappy disposal system is one of the most hygienic ways of storing used nappies in one location, without the nasty smells you would usually acquire in a normal household bin.

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