About Us

This website was built with the intention of providing you with all the information you need for your premature baby.  We have sourced the data from many reputable websites,  our main intention is to answer all your questions in one location.  After spending hours searching the net, we found that there was not anywhere which offered this


We had also found conflicting information between websites, we had found that the previous owner of the website with held data which was obsolete, in accurate due to it being extremely old.  How technology has grown at an ineradicable rate, professionals such as doctors, nurses and midwifes knowledge has increased through out the years.  Processes have changed with the NHS and Hospitals, therefor increasing the chances of the survival rate of a premature baby.
The information is for intended parents, friends and families who have given birth to a premature baby and in need of knowledge to support their loved ones.
What ever your reason is for visiting us, we hope you have found the information on this website useful.


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