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    Terms and Condition

    This offer only applies to the residents of the United Kingdom. Restrictions to 1 order per household only. You may receive up to 5 items in your order, depending on stock/quantity of orders or subject to availability. We can not possibly hold every brand of nappy. Our most common nappy brand we hold is: pampers/tescos and asda. If the nappy brand you chose is not available we reserve the right to replace the brand with an alternative which we have in stock at the time of order. We reserve the right to supply you with what quantity we see fit in relation to the quantity we give you, pending your reason and stock levels. The free nappies offer is for a limited time only, used to promote the website. We will pay for the cost of a second class stamp. Such circumstances where the postage will be greater than this cost, the receipt may incur the additional fees to cover the out stand delivery charges, for example larger sizes nappies. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without notifying you. You may occasionally receive marketing emails from us about our offers or services. If you have chosen to receive 3rd party information, then we may occasionally send you offers from our partners. You will not receive spam emails. By completing and submitting the form you agree to our terms and conditions.

    In promotion for the website, for a limited time only (approx 1 month), we are giving away free nappies to our customers.  Why are we giving away free nappies?  As you are aware nappies in the long term can cost a fortune.  So many different brands and sizes to choose from.   Another reason to give nappies away, is so that you can (without the need of spending a penny) receive a number of different brands for free, from your chosen size of nappy, will allow you to make your own decision on which nappy is best suited to your baby.

    The offer is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis, therefor you should complete the form asap.  You will receive the nappies in  3 – 5 working days.

    Re Marketing or selling my personal details?

    Absolutely not, the idea is not to re sell your personal details to online marketing companies, of which 99% of companies offering free nappies will just do that.  There is a tick box on the form indicating that, if you wish to receive offers from 3rd parties regarding offers on nappies, please go ahead and tick the box.  People who accidently do not tick this box will not be counted in on this option.

    Your data is very important to us, it is our obligation to ensure that all the necessary security protocols and regulations have been met.  If for any reason that you do tick the 3rd party box, but then make a descision that you do not want to be contacted by 3rd party, then please complete out contact us form and let us know asap.

    A Reason

    We do however ask you to give us a reason as to why you would like to receive nappies, may be you would like to try alternative brands, or your baby might be due to move onto the next size and therefor would like to test the next size nappy available.  Or you may be having difficulties in paying for nappies and other baby accessories and that our website would indeed help you out some what, or may be you know somebody who has a baby and your requesting nappies for a friend or somebody in the family.  If you would like a mixture of brands do let us know in the comment box provided in the form.

    We have a large selection of nappies already brought ready to send out to you.  As soon as our stock for each nappy size runs out, im afraid that would be the end of that size as we would not re stock.  So complete the form as soon as you can in order for you to receive free nappies. Our most common nappy that we hold in stock, sizes range between 0 – 7+:

    • Pampers – Sizes: 0/1/3/4/4+/5/5+/6/6+ Training Pants size 6 Extra Large
    • Tesco Loves Baby – Sizes: 1/3/4/4+/5/5+/6/6+  Pullup Pants size 6 Extra Large
    • Asda Little Angels – Sizes: 0/1/3/4/4+/5/5+/6/6+
    • Aldi Mamia – Sizes: 1/3/4/5

    If your stuck with what brand of nappy to choose, see our youtube channel, as we post wetness testing on products and compare different brands.


    We do not track each postage, as we have to rely on royal mail 2nd class standard (or an alternative delivery service as we see fit) Also we do not postage your nappies out to you during weekends.  Below the form is some of the terms and conditions associated with receiving free nappies.  Please be sure that you read them.

    All this for?

    in return we would be very grateful if you could help us to spread the word about the website.  Share our website with your friends/family and colleagues.  If you know anybody expecting, or has a baby and you believe that they would like to take this opportunity in receiving free nappies, please help us to help somebody who may have already been told that their baby will be born premature, or somebody who you know has given birth to a premature baby, or would benefit from receiving free nappies.

    Product nappy testing

    Are you interested in getting involved in testing different brands of nappies for premature babies website?  if the answer is yes, then we would love to hear from you.  We aim to provide you with the best reviews, but also detailed comparison of nappy brands/sizes.  Please get in contact with us by completing our contact us form, or when completing the nappy form below, please mention that you would like to be involved in the nappy testing review.

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