Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with premature babies and earn yourself even more freebies.  Below is how you can:

Nappy Tests and Reviews

We are looking for people who can review and test different nappy brands over a 24 hour period.  This involves you recording your findings on our review form, including any supporting evedance such as pictures and submitting them back to our review team who will take a look and verify your review.

How to start reviewing?  Simply drop us an email at: nappyreview@premature-babies.co.uk and let us know: your address, nappy brand, nappy size.

We will ask you to test your current brand, once you have completed the testing/review we will then supply you with alternative brands for you to carry out the nappy testing and reviews.

Do you have a Story to Tell

We would loe to hear your story and events as you come to  terms of a premature baby.  Your experience, what is it like in the NICU and share with others your emotions.  If we add this to our stories page, then we will offer you free packs of nappies in return.  We recommend typing it up 1st then complete the contact form.

Donating your Clothes or Nappies

If you have some newborn, tiny baby, premature baby clothes that you would like to give us, so we can domate to families in need, please get in contact with us by completing the contact us form.  We will give you free packs of nappies in return. May be the clothes you have are too small for your child, or the nappies you have do not fit your child anymore.

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