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Can Premature Babies born 32 Weeks live a normal life

Can Premature Babies born 32 Weeks live a normal life

This stage of development, your child at 32 weeks have formed responable well.  The legs, body head and other parts of the human body have formed, but this is not to say that at 32 weeks old the body is ready for the outside world.  You will be glad to know that 98% of babies born at 32 weeks old do survive.  The child is slightly smaller than a full term baby.  After 32 weeks your babys weight almost doubles in size, from 3 - 4 lbs to 6 - 7 lbs (full term weight).

Babies at 32 weeks will have hair, fingernails, toes etc...  At this point mothers may start to feel some anxiety, simply becuase the uncertantity of potentially having a premature baby and what would happen.  Many negative thoughts appear and the woman exptected goes through a hormonal change...

Pregancy Symptoms

As the extected mother passes the 32 weeks, she will appear to start to have whats known as Braxton Hicks contractions.   These are very small contractions which are in the utrus which prepairs the body for labour.  Expected mothers at this stage may feel some what uncomftable, but shouldnt be alarmed as this is a very normal process.  In fact it is said that there is a very high rate within the UK of women (within the third trimester) do end up going into hostpital simply becuase of the contractions.  This can be worrying especially if you are a first time expected mother who hasnt gone through labour before, but can assure you this is a very normal process.  It is best to seek professional help, that way you know that even if it is false alarm, its best for this news to come from an professional who deals with this day in day out.

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