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Surpless nappies goes to a local group in Corby

We have decided that the remaining amount of nappies that we have accumulated over the past month (which we have given to approx 130 families in and around Northamptonshire) will be put to good use by tthe means of distribution them within a government funded project at Eden Park in Corby.

Surpless nappies goes to a local group in Corby

Eden Park is run by the government LHA support services in aid to support young families whos age is between 16 - 24 for single mums and dads with babies/toddlers in the form of providing 12 flats.  The staff do an excellent job insuring each parent gets all the support and help that they need, to overcome the needs of a baby, or even educating the mothers and farthers into returning to work.The descission to give such products to the residence in people who are in need of such expensive items we believe is a positive action for premature-babies.  As you can imagine over a long term mounts up to over £3000 before he/she is toilet trained.

Items that we are giving away include:  Pampers/Asda/Tesco and Aldi Nappies, Training pants, Night time pyjama pants, Nappy bags, Baby wipes.  Nappy sizes are between 0 and 6+

The Delivery will take place this weekend (13th/14th August 2016)

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  1. Samantha:
    Aug 21, 2016 at 02:28 PM

    Thats excellent that you are able to help such a good cause. A friend of mine who is in Eden Park and they really do help her a lot with the baby. not only that but also help the parents out in educating the parents in budgeting their finance. It also helps them to progress by eventually getting their own house. I think more of these facilities should be available but it worries me that they have had a massive financial cut from the government (approx 40%). May be a go fund me page should be setup for eden park so that people can give a couple of pounds. if everybody did this they would have an excellent budget.

  2. Default Admin User:
    Jun 14, 2017 at 10:31 PM

    Hi Samantha

    We have recently setup a go fund me page, there is a link on our facebook page :)

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