Parents of Quads

That’s right; the couple is part of something that is extremely rare: the birth of quadruplets. Even more impressive is the persistence required to get them to this point.

Paul and Carla struggled for five years just to have their first child. When they decided that they wanted to give their little girl a brother or sister, they spent all their savings on in vitro fertilisation only to get pregnant twice and lose both babies. Many parents would have given up at this point, but not these two. Instead, they took a loan in the hope of trying one more time.

Knowing this might be their final opportunity to have another child, Paul and Carla heeded the advice of a healthcare team who told them they needed to be in top physical condition if their last round of in vitro fertilisation were to be successful. So the couple did just that. They transitioned to a healthy diet, started exercising regularly, and stopped drinking alcohol.

Pregnancy Against All Odds

Paul and Carla were obviously delighted to learn that their efforts resulted in pregnancy. But then they got the shock of their lives: Carla was not pregnant with just one child, she was pregnant with four. The couple went from nearly losing all hope to beating 70 million-to-one odds at giving birth to quads.

When the Mirror caught up with the couple in January, they were busily making preparations at home for what they expected to be and early summer birthing session. But the four precious children did not want to wait that long. They were born in March after just seven months in the womb.

Paul, Carla, and their entire family have a long road ahead of them as the new babies grow, develop, and settle into routine life. It is a road that Paul and Carla would not trade for anything. After struggling for so long and spending tens of thousands of pounds, they have a house full of children they love and adore. Their willingness to persist paid off in the best way possible. And as an added bonus, they have a delightful story to tell for decades to come.


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