New Pampers Premature Nappies

The latest example of their incredible efforts is a brand-new nappy designed especially for P3 premature babies, babies born around the 24th or 25th week. In addition, Pampers is heavily involved with the Bliss charity in support of the premature baby community.

Pampers had already developed and begun distributing P1 and P2 nappies when they decided to work on something even smaller for P3 babies. They liaised with neonatal nurses and individuals with extensive NICU experience to figure out how to design their new nappy. Now it is finally available to the public.

Commenting on the new nappy, Pampers Baby Board members and media personalities Katy Pullinger and Anna Cribb made mention of just how small the new nappies are. They concluded that the nappy looked more ‘suited to a doll than a baby’.

That sort of comparison hits home for people who have parented P3 babies. Children born that early are so small and fragile that it is hard to conceive if you have not been through the experience. Pampers’ new P3 nappy is for babies weighing 1 lb. 8 oz. or less, which is incredibly small and yet, as Pullinger and Cribb noted, these tiny babies exhibit a fierce willingness to survive.

Additional Charity Work

In addition to developing nappies for premature babies, Pampers is also heavily involved in a variety of charity efforts. They are currently encouraging parents to share photos of their little ones with a raised fist to signify the ‘fighting spirit that premature baby show every day’, according to Pullinger and Cribb. The company will donate £1 to Bliss for every photo shared with the #powerofbabies hash tag.

The entire community of premature babies and their parents truly appreciates the efforts made by organisations like Pampers. The contributions of so many companies, non-profits, and volunteers are that which truly make a difference to parents who need so much help with their children. Simple expressions of gratitude are just not enough.

Even business decisions like making nappies for premature babies is a tremendous help. Parents who have never been through the experience have a hard time grasping just how small premature babies can be and how difficult it is to find nappies and clothing. It is not a simple matter of using a regular nappy and learning to adapt it to a smaller baby; that strategy does not work.

Pampers’ foresight in developing nappies for premature babies may have been a business decision, but it was a decision designed to help parents who otherwise would have no means of securing nappies for their little ones. It seems like a small thing to most of us, but to parents of premature babies it is big.

People Want to Help

If you are the parent of a newly-born premature baby, be encouraged that there are many people out there who want to help you. Your journey is just beginning, so take advantage of those individuals or organisations willing to lend a hand. They can help you through your journey so that you, ultimately, can turn around and help others who will take it in the future.

The community of premature babies and parents is as strong as ever in the UK. Thanks to countless volunteers, charities like Bliss and companies such as Pampers, people are coming together to support this community and the precious children who deserve a fighting chance.