Benefits of Using a Nappy Disposal System

Many people do not believe that a nappy disposal bins are beneficial, yet others couldn’t do without it.  Many people argue that the system is a complete waste of time and money.  We will go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of a nappy disposal system more in depth.  If you have a question about the product or you would lie to share your experience please complete the form below and a member of the team will answer you asap.

The good old days

This is a very useful bit of kit, especially at the early stages of your baby’s life.   The quantity of wet and solid nappies and the amount of nappy changes on a daily/weekly basis is staggering.  What happened to the good old fashion ways of throwing the used nappy on the floor out the way, or in a small open top bin next to the nappy changing station.  These old fashioned ways means that your baby’s room/house would stink of nappies.  Your nose would be use to the smell, any friends visiting would quickly exit the house and make up a story that they have to attend to the cat, or they have left food on the stove.  The smell of dirty nappies is not by far very appealing.

As the hours go by the human waste inside the nappy that you threw onto the floow starts to rot, un wanted flys it attracts, then before you know it, the nappy has started to leak onto the floor.  The dark winter nights kicks in, your baby has soiled his/her nappy, you refuse to go outside to put the nappy in the bin, so you put it into the bin in the babys room.  Come morning, the babys room stinks because you left the dirty nappy in an open top bin.


The disposal systems in today’s markets are relatively good value for money.  Although they look cheep to make, they appear to have been manufactured from a plastic mould.  They come in different sizes, colours, shapes and sizes.  The most common brands on the market today is the tommee tippee sangenic nappy dispenser and the angel care products, both which have distinct features.  The refill cartridges seem to be the most expensive part to this product, although sometimes is best to wait at certain supermarket chains until they have offers on.

The tommee tippee dispenser comes in two sizes, midi and maxi.    Maxi product is quite tall and holds in excessive of 50 nappies (pending nappy size).  We have used this for testing and find that its a sturdy product.  The lid is a very clean finish and fits well.  When you open the lid you will see the cassette just sitting in its place.   The compartment that the cassette sits in is rotatable, so that when wet or solid nappies enters into the product at the top, you simply rotate which locks away any bad smells.   We tested this on size 3 nappies, both very dirty and wet.  With the lid closed we could not smell any of the dirty nappies.  Its only when you open the lid to pop the nappies in, you can smell the dirty nappies.

The midi version of this product is similar to the maxi, the only different being is the quantity of nappies that it with holds in the product.  One thing that I have noticed with the midi, is that the way the lid is held on by two plastic buttons at ether side.  This doesn’t really seem to be very secure.

The Positives

many people have found the positives of the nappy disposal system to be:

  • Prevents the smalls of dirty and wet nappies from filling up the room after some minutes/hours after a nappy change.
  • A Hygienic way of storing used nappies
  • Gives you piece of mind when changing your baby’s nappy, without having to worry about leaks or smells from dirty nappies.
  • Prevents you having to go out to the bin on a dark and rainy evening.
  • Stores all the nappies in one location and not scatter around the house in multiple bins (smelling the house out)
  • Relatively cheap to buy
  • Very useful for the amount of nappy changes in a day for a premature/newborn baby
  • The maxi product is waist height, therefor you do not have to bend down to the bin
  • It takes a very small amount of space to keep the bin near the nappy changing station.
  • Living in a Flat would reduce the need of leaving baby and taking a walk to the bins.
  • Only need to empty the bin once every 3 – 4 days

The Negatives

Some of the negatives that people have found when using the nappy disposal bin

  •  Waste of money
  • The cartridges cost a fortune
  • Waste of space
  • It doesn’t stop the smell
  • The bin doesn’t hold many nappies
  • When emptying the bin, all the nappies just fall out of their pockets and end up in a pile in the bag.
  • Its useful early in the days of baby’s life, but at quantity of nappy changes decreases therefor this bin wasn’t needed as it was just as easy to put the nappies in the household bin.

From each cartridge, you should be able to get out about 4 – 5 bin changes.  If you leave the bin until the nappies reach the top and can no longer take any more, then we would estimate that you should change the bin once a week.  From newborn/premature, we would expect you to change the bin once every 3 – 4 days.  A cartridge should last you approx. 1 month.  As time progresses as your baby gets older, the less frequent nappy changes would mean that you may get much more than 1 month from each cartridge.  A Set of three cartridges would cost approx. £14.99, which should last you approx 3 months.